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Thread: Harley BA 350 ohv peashooter pup

  1. Harley BA 350 ohv peashooter pup

    Hello everybody! I have a bare Single port ohv head id like to get the missing parts for, does anyone have any original bits for sale or any ideas where to purchase repops? Also has anyone done a sv to ohv conversion on a pup bottom end?

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    Re: Harley BA 350 ohv peashooter pup

    AntiqueMotorCycleWorks can help you out as they have all the repop parts needed to rebuild OHV top ends for the Harley peashooter and many other parts for them as well

    pic of OHV peashooter top end parts

    You can email matt at [email protected]
    All so a link to the web site
    They also sell on eBay , just search for Harley peashooter and you'll see their parts, seller name I think is boardtrack? or boardtracker?


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