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Thread: 1959 Pan shopping list

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    1959 Pan shopping list

    Yay I bought my first real vintage bike this weekend thanks to help from some members on this forum! Now comes the fun part, I need a few OEM parts to make it correct so if anyone has some or any or all of this and want to turn it into cash please let me know. I want to convert back to hand shift foot clutch.

    Outer Primary cover
    Chain guard
    Kicker arm
    Trans top
    Rocker clutch
    Linkage for clutch
    Shift gate
    Tanks and badges

    If you have this stuff I would really enjoy buying it and putting this bike back on the road in all its OEM glory thanks you.

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    Re: 1959 Pan shopping list

    Yay I bought my first real vintage bike this weekend
    I hope you have as much fun as I have.
    First thing you need is palmers book -
    59 came both ways, foot or hand shift from factory, foot shift was more popular on later pans.
    Shift gates -

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    Re: 1959 Pan shopping list

    Thanks I'll look into these items for sure, this bike has a mousetrap on it so I believe it was originally a foot clutch. I will post photos when it comes the ones I bought it off of are not very large files and do not enlarge well. I went and looked at a POS locally and nothing was correct other then engine and converted foot shift trans,middle not run and he wanted $8750 the one I bought is a driver for less than that.

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    Re: 1959 Pan shopping list

    I have a nice set of 59-60 tanks with badges.

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    Re: 1959 Pan shopping list

    Thanks I sent pm on tanks and I need to wait on shift gate until I have tanks because because I see there are different ones

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    Re: 1959 Pan shopping list

    Mousetrap would be correct for a footshift. Seadub

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    Re: 1959 Pan shopping list

    Here's a few photos I have and know I need a list of things that I already posted looking for. It was inexpensive so if you want to trash it go ahead. This will keep me focused on recovery after my next couple surgerys.

    FullSizeRender.jpgAttachment 23025Attachment 23026
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Re: 1959 Pan shopping list

    Looks like fun to me. Seadub

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    Re: 1959 Pan shopping list

    How important to you is the finish on the rocker clutch stuff? I think I've got the bracket and pedal that had been chromed years ago. Cheap.
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    Re: 1959 Pan shopping list

    Cheap is my middle name Big! I don't know what the original finish is supposed to be but I can strip chrome and nickel and because of my pistol business I can parkerize light or dark in a day or paint it up. Chrome takes a a little longer when there's no EPA poking around my neighborhood. PM or email me and if you have any linkage that's a bonus. Question for the tank hand shift for the trans top do I need a ratchet style or? Will a jockey top work? I don't want to buy more junk I already got that trophy two months ago!!

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