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Thread: 1925 J/JD questions

  1. 1925 J/JD questions

    Hi All, I am just getting started on a new project, a 1925 J/JD. Go figure, I would start a project with all the hard to find 1 year only parts. I would not have taken this one on except that it had such nice sheet metal/frame, wheels, tranny etc. Other then the usual hard to find parts such as switch/fuse box, horn, headlight,carb and battery box it has the wrong engine with it. It came with a 22 J engine so I need to find/build a 25 J/JD engine and trade/sell the 22 J engine.
    First question the literature that I have says nothing about spark plugs, the 22 engine takes 7/8 plugs what does everyone run? I know Model A ford uses that size but what about heat ranges? Also the 1925 parts book has weird part numbers for the hardware, Is there any cross references for later part numbers for the hardware? I have several coffee cans with NOS and used original hardware and can certainly find hardware that fits but want to use the correct stuff.
    Battery box: I have not run across repop battery boxes, I understand it uses the earlier smaller battery. What is the differences in the 24 and earlier boxes? Is it just the mounting brackets?
    Hardware finishes; I need to know the correct finish of the clutch pedal and linkage. finish on tank bolts also, original bolts have no finish left, cad, nickel and parkerized are available, I can refinish my originals but need correct finish. Are the wheel spokes cad or nickel? Nipples appear to have been parkerized. I am sure that I will have plenty of more questions in the future.

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    Re: 1925 J/JD questions

    1925 has a 1 yr only clutch rod/bearing..gearbox should have 25 number

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    Re: 1925 J/JD questions

    I run Autolite 3076 plugs in my '16J; and they are available at NAPA auto parts. I guess you could also find NOS 7/8" plugs on-line.

    I don't know if I would be in a hurry to get rid of your '22 motor, particularly if it is a 74". I would really take my time on that as motors of that vintage run the gamut from junk to pristine, and mostly junk.

    Mark Masa will probably chime in, and he is one of the most knowledgeable people we have when it comes to J era Harleys. My interest is in early Js so I'm hazy on 1925. We also have Steve Swan here, and he just completed his '27 and such people are usually well informed about bikes made before and after their particular year. Keep us up to date on your progress.

  4. Re: 1925 J/JD questions

    Yes all that is there and the tranny has a 25 number. I think it came with 2 rods and 3 bearings if I recall correctly. Thanks

  5. Re: 1925 J/JD questions

    Thanks, I am hoping to find the take apart plugs online so I will need to cross reference. The 22 J motor (61 incher) is not pristine but is not junk either. The mount tabs have been rewelded. Engine was freshened/rebuilt in the early 70s by a departed aircraft mechanic friend whose main motorcycle was a 27 JD that he had owned since the mid thirties and was sold about 2 years ago after his death. I have not yet pulled the jugs to check it out. I have pulled the IN valve cages for a peek inside, looks like original pistons, signs of light rust pits that were honed, should clean up with a rebore easily. one valve cage was repaired by brazing, should be replaced. Front cyl has small chip on one top radial fin, back cyl has several chipped fins. I am not sure yet if it has the original short sprocket shaft or the later longer one. This engine was allegedly installed in it when the guy who freshened up engine bought it at an auction sale in the 60s. It needs work but is definitely salvageable.

  6. Re: 1925 J/JD questions

    camsaure, I'll take a stab at some of your questions that i think i know the answers on. but my knowledge is mostly on the 27 model. the clutch pedal is cad plated, as is rear sprocket. cl.rod is Parkerized. since my project did not have spokes, i had to go the Buchanan's route, so my spokes are stainless and nipples are nickle

    if you have not been on i found it extremely helpful. if you go in to files, you'll find some helpful info.

    i thought Tom Feeser might supply your, but according to the factory parts book, it looks like a one year off part, 4406-25. and the 24 uses 4406-24.

  7. Re: 1925 J/JD questions

    Thanks Steve, as near as I can tell the 24 and 25 boxes use the same cover and the boxes appear the same with the exception of mounting. It is my hopes of being able to use if I cant find original a 24 style box and modify the mounts to fit the new 25 style frame. I still need to do more research and hope someone already has. Pictures and drawings/measurements of originals would be helpful.

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    Do 24-25 b.boxes have two hinged threaded posts on them for removal of the top cover?

  9. Re: 1925 J/JD questions

    Yes, you are correct on this I believe.

  10. Re: 1925 J/JD questions

    camsaure, pm sent

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