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Thread: Opening an ammeter?

  1. Opening an ammeter?

    Hey guys

    Anyone know how these open? Iím not sure why but the needle is now pinned to the right. It was working when I removed it from the bike. Not sure if I can fix it but would like to take a look inside and see what I can do. Is the front bezel soldered on? The 2 nuts on back only hold the internals and have nothing to do with the bezel. Any thoughts.


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    Re: Opening an ammeter?

    I believe the bezel is crimped to a flange on the can. It can be pried off by carefully working the crimped edge, which will give you access to the needle. I assume you have tapped the gauge to try and free the needle. You might also try putting wires on the posts and shocking it directly on the battery. Is that a reproduction gauge? Ammeters are usually near bulletproof, so it will be interesting to hear what you come up with.

  3. Re: Opening an ammeter?

    No it’s original and I did try and tap it but it seems it’s out of place in the back. The nickel plating was all worn off so I figured I would either re nickel it or just polish the brass and clear coat. I do like the polished brass look. I put tape on the glass to protect it. When I took off the tape the needle was stuck so it happened wile getting jostled around on the bench. I did loosen the nuts on the back and I think that’s when it happened. I will try to gently pry it up. I was thinking that’s how it was connected but wanted to make sure before I started at it.

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    Re: Opening an ammeter?

    That does sound like a mechanical, or interference problem affecting the needle. I think I would try some other things before I would mess with the bezel because they are never quite the same after being pried off. I'll just throw a couple of wacky things out there; try blowing compressed air into the back after taking the lock nuts off. Also, try freezing it in the fridge. . . I know; that's kind of nutty, but what can you lose

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    Try putting a strong magnet on the glass and rotate the magnet.

  6. Re: Opening an ammeter?

    Not crimped but press fit. Was allot easier then I thought. The needle turns on a shaft the sits in a dimple in the cab and an arm that goes over it. Very similar to a watch balance. Some how it got knocked out of one of the dimples. One of my other hobbies is fixing antique pocket watches so I have some tools that made the job quick and easy. Here is a pic of the press fit bezel and glass for anyone interested.



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    Re: Opening an ammeter?

    Nice...! That worked out well.
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