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  1. Starting young

    Hi all,

    Josh from Perth Western Australia, I'm 28 and been riding bikes since the early days thanks to the old man.

    I traveled the US for 3 months early last year with my partner and stopped into the Harley Davidson museum - Milwaukee on our way to NY. Well....that's where the obsession started with Vintage Harley's!

    Long story short I need some tips from the experts.

    I'm leaning towards a bike from the 1930 - 1940 era that's running but rough around the edges, enough I can work on but most of all enjoy taking it for a ride. I dont have the knowledge or the spare time to build a bike from the ground, nor do I have a bank balance that supports buying a bike in pristine condition..... hopefully one day.
    I could rattle off a hundred questions but is this achievable or am I best to reset my sights?
    Happy to hear people's thoughts/advice and take it from there.


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    Re: Starting young

    Hi Josh and welcome aboard. What you seek is achievable but you need to search around the swapmeets to actually lay your hands on one. The AMCA recently held their first Australian swapmeet on your continent this year. I recommend you contact Tony Blain of Redfern Motor Parts there for more swapmeet dates. There are also many an OZ Bro on here as well.

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    Hi Paps, thanks for the comments. i'll touch base with the aussie contacts to see what swap meets are coming up.


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    Re: Starting young

    Welcome aboard! 1941 and up 45 ci flatheads are a great entry bike, and still relatively affordable. Plus there are plenty of spares available as it was the US militarys go to scooter. DaveAus on here has a nice collection and can probably steer you in the right direction.
    "The impossible missions are the only ones which succeed.” ~ Jacques Cousteau

    Al C

    1942 WLA Civy Custom
    1928 JDL Special Sport Solo (Basket)

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