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Thread: WTB Large Base 61ci J Rear Cylinder

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    WTB Large Base 61ci J Rear Cylinder

    On the hunt for a good rear 61ci cylinder. Figure I'd put the word out before going the JDJugs route. My front is fine so I'd prefer a nice rear to match.

    Thanks all!
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    Re: WTB Large Base 61ci J Rear Cylinder

    This is harry's flat shop. they will sell cheaper then price listed. it's in euros.

    You can look for an email address of That will help you deal off of ebay.

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    Re: WTB Large Base 61ci J Rear Cylinder

    Good call rob! I'll shoot him an email. I figured there's going to be more 61's outside of the US anyway for this period of J's.
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    Re: WTB Large Base 61ci J Rear Cylinder

    For what year or don't you care?
    There are at least 4 different large base 61" front cylinders. (Not counting JL's)
    Mid 1928-1929

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    Re: WTB Large Base 61ci J Rear Cylinder


    My front is a 1928 to 1929 I believe and was thick as I've ever seen a J cylinder. For my purposes I don't really care much, just something to get me down the road without breaking. I'm currently at .030 over on my cylinders and a cylinder that'll fit that profile would work. When I have these cylinders bored the guys have a hard time getting them round again without going way over so that's why I've been putting sleeves in them. Is a little oval of the bore okay to run?

    I think the OD of the bore casting and the ID were not straight to begin with... as you'll see here soon.

    JDJugs makes the JH cylinder now, or perhaps it's called the Ricardo? I know they have 74 intakes with the 61 bore / stroke. That's ideal, but not in the cards for the next few months.

    I'll post a few disaster pics here, that's always fun.
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    Re: WTB Large Base 61ci J Rear Cylinder

    Rolling down the road in 3rd gear. Probably going 55 with the lady on the back in western Wisconsin, then what sounded like an air compressor leak started to occur. Stranded.

    Rear cylinder issues.

    Pardon the mess, I've been reorganizing and it takes forever.

    Get home. Pull the engine. Pull rear cylinder

    Took a few measurements of the wall thickness. The sleeve is .040 thick, so subtract that out of these measurements.

    It got pretty thin! Today was the longest ride I've had to date and I think quite a bit of heat built up.

    No other engine damage luckily. Had another issue this year but that was the engine builders fault, aka me.

    So on the hunt for another rear.
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    Re: WTB Large Base 61ci J Rear Cylinder

    It was bored to deep.

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