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Thread: 1931 rider restoration.

  1. Re: 1931 rider restoration.

    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie1012000 View Post
    Yes. Never wrong to ask for advice and suggestions, there is hundreds of tough desicions to make in the future but the end result should always be that you are satisfied with the result. It is your bike! Just don't chop it...please :-)
    Would NEVER chop it! If anything this project is moving more towards a full original restoration then I had ever originally considered.

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    Re: 1931 rider restoration.

    Nothing wrong going with Factory colors. I was seeing red under all the chips, also. Doc

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    Re: 1931 rider restoration.

    Quote Originally Posted by djqsrv View Post
    it seems that the majority of them were Indian red so I was originally thinking stay away from red as there are so many of them. Red on red was feeling a little boring to me but in tearing it down there is plenty of evidence that this bike was originally red frame with red tanks.
    FWIW I'm going with red on mine! Besides the "traditional" aspect of painting it the way it was born, I like the red!
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  4. Re: 1931 rider restoration.

    An old mate here did his in a white colour ,police use i think it looks great ,small pinstriping to break the white,Rob

  5. Re: 1931 rider restoration.

    You're making nice progress, thanks for updating the shared photo archive.

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