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Thread: Introducing PINK

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    This was the other buddy seat and tour pack that also came with the bike. Not very clear in the pictures but the backrest is gold and the seat itself is white.

    pink 4.jpg

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    Re: Introducing PINK

    That's the original seat in photo 4. I'm not sure about the tour pack, it is a jumbo sized one for sure. You'll like how it rides with the Comfort Flex seat and if you want a passenger it's the ticket. And someone else drilled the mounting holes for it in your OP rear fender so you don't have to worry about that! The other seat is super comfy too but may need some booster springs and/or a pogo stick spring upgrade depending on your weight. It has the typical chromed/polished engine side covers instead of the rough factory cast stock units. That looks like a real nice bike and you will enjoy it once you get it ready for action once again.
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    Thank you jmatch, looks like you have one too :-). I was hoping getting the chrome stripped at sometime should be possible, I prefer the dull look. I am 6 feet tall, felt I was all the way up on the front of the comfort flex seat, with the brake pedal in an awkward position. I might try the original seat and see how that feels, so I can sit back on it. Waiting to hear it run, hopefully in the next couple weeks.


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    Re: Introducing PINK

    The comfort flex is adjustable front to back for legroom. Adjust it, you might like it. That original seat backrestr started out white too, just spent far too much time in the sun. Not sure how the paint survived if the seat looked like that. Unless it was off and sitting in a window. The tour pac is period aftermarket, not H-D.
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    Thanks Rubone, did not know it was adjustable. The other seat is more dirty and I think might clean up a bit. I will try the comfort flew adjusted all the way back and see how I like it.
    On the other seat was it common for the backrest to be added later? Looks like the backrest alone is golden.


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    Re: Introducing PINK

    Try adjusting the Comfort Flex seat, as it is far superior comfort-wise, to the Buddy seat. On the Buddy seat, the rider ends up on the nose of the seat, while the passenger gets the comfortable part. Or, best case scenario, ditch both 2 up seats, and get a Deluxe Solo seat...

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    VPH-D might do a solo seat but am a bit worried if it ends up being too close up front. Definitely like the looks of that better. Went through a whole change on my 1946 Indian to install a chumme seat and my wife ended up riding with me once on it :-(. So solo might be the way to go for me if I have enough leg room.


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    Re: Introducing PINK

    I LOVE THAT FREAKING COLOR!!! I know a guy who had a bike in that color, perfectly aged rusty crusty, the way I love it. The tour pack is called the Cargo Caddy and can be used as a rental property, as you can fit a small family in it.


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    Thank you Double D there was something about this bike that just drew me to it, think mostly the color. I am super excited and can’t wait to get it on the road.


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