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    Thank you VPH-D will try the 1-800 number listed on the Harley site next week and see what they are able to get me.


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    Re: Introducing PINK

    Quote Originally Posted by sunnybamrah View Post
    Thank you VPH-D will try the 1-800 number listed on the Harley site next week and see what they are able to get me.

    You may have to try severals times. I finally asked for the museum archives and they got me to the right extension and 2-3 weeks later I found my bikes birthday, 05/11/61.
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    Re: Introducing PINK

    Sunny, along with the VIN and belly numbers there is other ID that you could notify H-D about because it may be recorded at the factory. Stamped on the left side of the frame steering head, on the outside of the left fork stop on the lower triple tree and on the front of the trans case (R-H side) just below where the lid attaches you may find additional original component identifying numbers. The ID may consist of one capital letter followed by either three or four numeric characters but they are usually only about 1/8” tall so you may have to look closely. For a 67 Shovel the letter on the frame and lower tree may be D, E, F or G. On the trans case the letter may be D or E. If original to the one machine the three sets of ID probably will not match each other and apparently this was normal procedure at H-D.

    Indented under the trans case I would expect casting number 34703 65 but no date code.

    Regarding your rear brake lever, is it brazed where the lever and stop plate join the bushing? Or was it done with steel alloy welding? (Service Bulletin 589 addressed this change.)

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    Thanks Eric, wow you all are a wealth of knowledge. I will look for these markings the next time I am at Johns.


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    IIRC, the customer service number you need was not a 1-800 number. It was Milwaukee 414 number, then press 1 for this that or whatever, took about 4 selections to get to a live person.

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    Thanks VPH-D

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    Pisten-Bully, Rollo, VPH-D,Fellow Members

    Is the correct size of Avons safety mileage for 1967 FLH, 5.00 - 16? I received my tires today and noticed they appear to look narrow, wondering if they widen up once mounted on the rim.

    I did check the size on the tire and they are 5.00 - 16. I also checked my Indian Chief and the tire size is the same but look wider.

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    Re: Introducing PINK

    Yes once you mount them with tubes installed they will swell. As a matter of fact you need to leave them deflated to get them back up under the fender at least that is the only way I have been able to get them in or out. Inflate them to set the bead and then deflate to install in fender.


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    Thank you for the response Rollo.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
    Inflate them to set the bead and then deflate to install in fender.
    I agree (at least on a skirted fender Chief). The Avons look narrower when you compare them to a Coker for example, and I think they're slighty slimmer through the sidewall profile ....kinda like many are until their 50's!
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