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Thread: Hi form Italy

  1. Hi form Italy

    Hi guys, my name is Alberto, I live in the northern part of Italy, in Ferrara which is a little town in a plain territory but not to far from Appennines and Alps.
    I own a 1999 lazer red Heritage Springer, I'm very proud of it, but I'm also very keen on old bikes. So I'd like to learn more about them especially knuckle and 1200 flathead.
    I'd like to get information here, so please be patient.

    I created a YouTube channel to show my rides here, if you want to watch my movies, I'd be honoured:

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    Re: Hi form Italy

    Welcome aboard Alberto. You have come to the right place for certain. I only watched one video so far and I really enjoyed your ride and the magnificent view of your homeland.

  3. Re: Hi form Italy

    Thank you Paps, the mountains here are very beautiful, with those peaks, especially Dolomites.
    I hope you'll enjoy other videos.

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    Re: Hi form Italy

    I watched the other 4 and enjoyed them all. You got good taste in music....especially with ZZ Top.

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    I have more than 5 videos, if you want to watch the others. Tell me if you are able or not to watch them...if you want of course.
    I like ZZ TOP, but maybe my favourite group are Unsane, I like noise rock music.

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    Ciao e te ci conosciamo giā vero?

  7. Re: Hi form Italy

    Quote Originally Posted by gosilver View Post
    Ciao e te ci conosciamo giā vero?
    Direi molto bene...cazzo ci fai qui? Che moto hai preso? Non ti sarai mica venduto la moto di Sanny...ahahah

    Sorry guys, we know each other and we've met here. Forgive us if we write in Italian just a little, please.

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    Dammi il numero di telefono che ci sentiamo e parliamo.

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