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Thread: jockey shiftin'

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    jockey shiftin'

    I have decided to go with a ratchet top hand shift on my project. I have two drums, one with the -52# and the other is the a late FX and they are opposite of each other. I liked how my knuckle shifted 1st forward where my pan was 1st back.I am going to set it up with 1st forward. I have never gone jockey, always at the tank. Any thoughts?

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    Re: jockey shiftin'

    i would stick with tradition with 1st back, all mine have always been 1st back with the exception of a bike with a Baker trans that for some reason I chose 1 st invariably I won't be paying attention as I maneuver through traffic , accelerate and go to upshift , forget and get thrown forward while the engine goes to 2500 rpm.

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    Re: jockey shiftin'

    Maybe it is just what I am used to but I find it easier with a Jockey shifter to smak the shifter back than to pull it forward when speed shifting...but of course, I don't do that anymore!

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    Re: jockey shiftin'

    On my chop with a hand shifter, I go 1st forward, then pull back for 2, 3 and 4. It just seems more natural for some reason. Like the old B&M shifters in the cars where you just grab the handle and pull it towards you. I've been running it that way for 20 years and couldn't imagine any other way.


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