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Thread: Harley 20FS w/ sc.

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    Harley 20FS w/ sc.

    A guy showed me a photo he took of an original paint Harley with rh sidecar. Said the vin began with 20. Apparently there is something wrong with valve train that put the bike out of service 50 years ago. He was very vague about where the bike is. Said he thought it could be bought. I don't know if I can get a shot at it or not. Anyone care to venture a guess at value? Anyone know of something similar that has sold lately and for what money? Thanks.

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    Re: Harley 20FS w/ sc.

    25-30K needing work.
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    Re: Harley 20FS w/ sc.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rubone View Post
    25-30K needing work.

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    Re: Harley 20FS w/ sc.

    a few months ago a nice looking running mostly original/correct 1923 J finally sold on ebay for around 23k after a few tries. i wish i had bought it.

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