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Thread: Solo Seat

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    Solo Seat

    Does anyone know where to find a seat like this? The owner said it was Custom Chrome and out of production. Just curious. He said it had hardly no actual travel in the seatpost. Seadub

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    Seadub, Is there a picture?

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    Re: Solo Seat

    Well that was dumb. Been a long day and about to get Nate dead between the eyes. Here we go... Seadub

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    Hi Bianese,

    Just bought the same seat from a fellow I work with. He had it on his Harley Crossbones that he sold a few years ago. It's a stock Harley seat. I use it on my 1968 FLH, very comfortable seat.


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    Re: Solo Seat

    You can still get that seat from an HD dealer (he lists the part #) but you will have to order it and it runs between $350 and $400 last time I looked. What I'm not sure about is the "seat post" arrangement. I believe that is an aftermarket deal and I have seen it on a bike before but not sure who makes it. They are also on Ebay all the time both new and used from reasonable to ridiculous. That is all I run on my bikes.


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    Re: Solo Seat


    You Ain't A Man Till You've Rode A Pan, I'm A Man...

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    Re: Solo Seat

    Quote Originally Posted by 29Abone View Post
    Other than requiring two holes drilled in the frame, that's pretty cool...!
    I'd even be tempted to try it on my '94.
    But I'm afraid I'd have to balk at drilling the holes. Probably. Maybe.
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    Re: Solo Seat

    The seat is probably a Corbin repro!

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    Re: Solo Seat

    Quote Originally Posted by bianese View Post
    Well that was dumb. Been a long day and about to get Nate dead between the eyes. Here we go... Seadub
    Sold one just like that about a month ago. Came off an '05 Heritage Springer. It was a HD part number that was sold to give the look of the old style solo seats. It will bolt up to the T-bar (direct fit) used for the pogo style set up.

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    Re: Solo Seat

    Again, I apo;ogize for being dumb. The seats are everywhere and I have plenty. I should have titled the thread solo seat mount w/pogo simulated. It is what I am looking for. It was made by Custom Chrome and the part # is on the auction I posted. I have not had a chance to call them but I cannot find the setup. Sorry for the confusion. I am starting to smell Nate...Won't be much longer and he will be in my face. Seadub

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