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    In my work (commercial construction) we always refused to wear steel-toed boots because the steel acts like a blade, and means the difference between smashed and broken toes that will heal, and missing toes that won't grow back.
    I watched a well seasoned machinist have a craneman lower a large several ton work piece onto his horizontal milling machine. His machine was huge too. Its spindle diameter was 12". Anyhow, after a career as a machinist he made a huge mistake. Steel toed boots were mandatory in my profession. Anyhow, he waved the craneman to set the piece down. His mistake was where his one foot was. The work piece sat down directly on his steel toed boot and sliced the whole end of his foot off.

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    Re: Drill Press

    I am going to look at a drill press today, it's an older machine, manufacture date 1999. I have some concerns:

    1. The drill press has a compound vice bolted to the table which suggests he may have been using it as a mill. This would put sideways stress on the spindle which a drill press isn't designed to take? Would this have damaged it? The owner said he was selling due to buying a geared head mill/drill, so that kinda confirms my suspicions.

    2. The motor is 18 years old, how long do they usually last before they need to be reconditioned/replaced?
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    If it is a quality tool it does not matter, and maybe older is better. My Walker Turner drill press was made in 1938 and it performs like it likely did when new. I use the heck out of it and I have had it for almost 30 years

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    Re: Drill Press

    Thanks for your input Danny.

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