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  1. Samwel Supplies

    Hallo! I have some questions about parts from Samwel supplies.
    I have contacted a number of dealers and distributors listed on Samwel's homepage.
    However very few reply and the ones that do reply seems very reluctant to sell any parts.

    Does anyone know if maybe Samwel part are only for VIP customers?
    or does anyone know where I can order Samwel parts?

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    Re: Samwel Supplies

    Europe dealer list -
    W&W has the same parts and excellent customer service -
    If in usa vtwin sells the same parts.

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    Re: Samwel Supplies

    Rob at Retrocycle is also a samwell dealer
    "The impossible missions are the only ones which succeed.” ~ Jacques Cousteau

    Al C

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    Re: Samwel Supplies

    They are seeking dealerships for their parts but one must be located in an area far away from existing dealerships of their parts.

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    Re: Samwel Supplies

    i am a Samwel dealer also , VDS Classics , in the Netherlands ,pm me if you are looking for something

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    Re: Samwel Supplies

    I sent out e-mails to all those on Samwell's web site list as dealers and Retrocycle was the only one to respond. Am very happy with their regulator. Gary

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    Re: Samwel Supplies

    Quote Originally Posted by alanc48 View Post
    Rob at Retrocycle is also a samwell dealer
    Thumbs up for Rob.

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    Hi HDMaus!

    Tried to pm you but your message box is full. Can you send me a pm?

    Best regards

    Johan U

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    Re: Samwel Supplies

    I send you a pm !!!

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