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Thread: 1911 HD single on eBay

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    1911 HD single on eBay

    Experts: please tear this one up & post your thoughts.
    Is it all correct 1911 parts?
    It has been for sale on there a few times & not sold.
    What is the current market value?
    I am looking for a good/correct/running pre '16, & there are not many out there to choose from that I have found.

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    Re: 1911 HD single on eBay

    I always thought that was jest an add for a hotel. I really think that bike and a few cars have been on ebay for 2 years. If it was worth $48,000 they would have sold it. Oley will be your best bet in finding an early bike.

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    Re: 1911 HD single on eBay

    If it's an oem frame and correct motor, it's worth every penny. Without them knowing any history, and not being able to see the bike in person, I would pass.

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