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Thread: Cruisin the Coast

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    Cruisin the Coast

    Google it. Unreal!! Heading down in the AM. Seadub

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    Re: Cruisin the Coast

    Got up early and pointed my black BTSV custom South and went to the big show today. Close to 2000 cars and trucks under 60 acres of live oaks on the Gulf of Mexico. Weather was amazing and nearly 12K people showed up. 200+ miles on the hardtail later, I made it back home. Considering I turn 60 tomorrow, today was a great day! Seadub

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    Re: Cruisin the Coast

    Pictures....or it didn't happen

    1946 Chief - take apart and put back together
    101 Scout - building stage

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    Re: Cruisin the Coast

    If there had been bikes, other than our's, there, I would have taken pics. After looking at the first 500 cars, I got jaded and bored. There were sooo many fine rides and cool sleds, just not my dope. Had a blast and a good time w/my friends. The ride was awesome too. I will post the one pic we took tomorrow. Seadub

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