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Thread: Couple Late 50's pan head parts

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    Re: Couple Late 50's pan head parts

    It's the horse hair oil filter. That's what caused a '61 pan I bought to leak oil out of EVERY gasket possiable. The hairs came off the filter, went thru the motor, & on the way back out, got stuck on the rear chain oiler screw, plugging up the return line , filling up the motor with oil!! Had to completely replace all the motor gaskets, replaced the rings, lapped the valves (for good measure). Best running & starting Pan I've ever owned. NEVER used one of those filters again. (Looks good on your shelf) Paper cartriges only. Doc

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    Re: Couple Late 50's pan head parts

    Quote Originally Posted by 2wheeler View Post
    Thanks it's not about the money a wise man once told me. I'm doing it to show I want to fit in. The spark plug holder really cleaned up nice. Here are some photos. I know one or two of you expressed interest in this so here is my email to contact me at. Way easier than the PM thing I paid exactly $100 for all three parts and they are not equal in value and don't know what to charge. Not in it to make $$ on friends so tell me what you will pay for the holder. Thanks.

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    Well now you know that selling a part and not making any money(and losing money to somebody that buy's your part to make money just to fit in.

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    Re: Couple Late 50's pan head parts

    Hey 38....what? Did you mean to add that parentheses ( ( ) as an open quote or to expain something and then just forget and not insert the other parenthesis (to close) on purpose or were you just trying to be ignert (proper use of parentheses, purposely misspelled ignorant as ignert)? I don't get it why would you try to insult someone and a newbie too, that did a good thing and helped other forum members out? I'm not a selfish old bastard like a lot of other people in the world are.

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    Re: Couple Late 50's pan head parts

    Hey 38 I guess I need to apologize to you. Sorry sir you did not have the benefit of the info I had. I'm not stoopid (purposely spelled wrong) if you look at my initial (first) posting I found these parts and posted them BEFORE I bought them. Then after a dozen or so PM's I received with offers to buy one or more parts I THEN went and bought the parts and sold them. I did not make any money but did not lose either but I did make a couple new friends. How invaluable is that for a hundred bucks? One of the new friends has already pointed me at some MC's I may be interested in. So maybe next time don't ASSume you know everything.

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