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Thread: Awesome JDH bobber

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    twocam Guest

    Awesome JDH bobber


    I recently came across this picture of an awesome 2-cam bob-job at the period modified show at Rhinebeck this year - I wondered if anybody here knows who it belongs to or have further information on the bike?

    Eric (2-cam) and twocamtom, I thought you might like it!

    edited to Bob-Job, can't change the title, but no more false 'Bobber' accusations from me!
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    Hi !
    Yes i like this. I think that is it a 2cam motor in hight climbing frame

  3. Interesting machine. Not too crazy about the open primary. How can you tell it's a 2 cam from this side?
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    have any pics of the other side?


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    twocam Guest
    Hi Eric, I think you're right. If you look at Wheels Through Time website, Dale has an almost identical bike still in pure hillclimb form. This one at Rhinebeck looks like the same chassis, but with lights added...really cool!

    I found a poor mostly hidden picture of the other side, but the motor is definitely 2-cam and also has tapered cylinders - it may well be an FH racing motor.

    I'd love to know more or hear from the owner?
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    I like sam opie 2 cammer. Here a shoot of lance tidwell bike. I like that.
    The best for me are finegan spear frame
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    Good Stuff!!!

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    twocam Guest
    Not a cutdown, but cool 2-cam bobber
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    twocam Guest
    Florida FS cutdown. I think the yellow FS bike is now this one. Has a 2-cam motor now.
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    twocam Guest
    Any one got any more photographs please - cutdown's are an addiction!!

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