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Thread: Couple questions on a 47 EL motor

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    Re: Couple questions on a 47 EL motor

    you can do a flywheel alignment with an old lathe,you don't spin it,you just rotate by check with dial indicator one wheel to the other for trueness.Flywheel trueing stand is just 2 centers to hold the flywheels for rotating

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    Re: Couple questions on a 47 EL motor

    ...just an added piece of info. That motor is not just something that any old bike shop can do. You need someone that specializes in old bikes and knows Knuckle motors. it seems like you may be a bit green to this so you may at least want someone to assemble the bottom end. Installing the flywheel assembly in the cases needs to be done correctly. Line ream is only a small part of doing it right. You also need to make sure that quality parts are used. Chinese bearings are no good...etcetera.

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    Re: Couple questions on a 47 EL motor

    Getting this trued was my main concern with this, so I opted to send out the short-block to a company in WI (Darkhorse crankworks) that I got a lot of recommendations from.

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