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Thread: Not giving up yet

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    Not giving up yet

    Here is a local bike on CL. Not quite what I'm looking for but maybe it appeals to one of y'all. Tell me what you think is it priced high or low see any bad parts or run don't walk away butchery?

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    Re: Not giving up yet

    Not bad. I've seen a lot worse wanting a lot more....

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    Re: Not giving up yet

    You'll know when the right bike has found you. If you have any doubts in the pit of your stomach, turn and walk away. Don't settle for 'not quite'.
    (And I know you're just posting this to get a feel of the market. Good idea.)
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    Re: Not giving up yet

    Price is a bit up there however from the pics a lot of the machine is a good base to get right. Engine and trans finishes not played with etc. You would have to see it in person to see if it has the all or most of the correct fasteners, nuts, bolts, and give it a real go-over. Maybe find someone near you that KNOWS what he is looking at to look at it. As Big said I've seen a lot less of a bike go for more. Some times if you start throwing down cold hard $100 dollar bills people become negotiable.

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    Re: Not giving up yet

    Man that would be a sweet bike to chop! I could probably sell all the left over stuff for enough to cover the cost of the bike.


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    Re: Not giving up yet

    Nice looking bike. I like the duoglides, then again so far thats all I've ridden since the rigids were out of my price range when I got into this addiction. My theory is that if you are selling on Craigslist you expect people to low ball the hell out of you so you ask a couple thousand more tgen you take, I bet the seller would negotiate.

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