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Thread: Newbie in Arizona

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    Newbie in Arizona

    Yay my second post! My fascination with old bikes started with my father telling me his first week of college he rode a '47 Chief around campus and got three tickets in one week and had to get ride of the bike. Only two photos of that bike my brother has somewhere. It was ginormous. I was about 10 or 11 years old when my parents shipped me off to Eagle River Wisconsin for the summer to be my grandparents landscaper, handyman, overall free labor. One day we went to the Vilas County Fairgrounds and there was a charity auction going on and there it was my gonna be first real motorcycle an Indian Scout I think not running and it sold for $12 dollars!

    They would not accept me bidding and I had my whole bankroll with me all $15 bucks. I went up the the lady that bought it and offered to buy it from her and she laughed at me and said no honey it's worth more to me to put it back in my brothers backyard!!

    Not funny to me not at all. I never could afford a real bike until about 10 years ago and wound up with an old man '06 Road King. Served me well but I have always liked the vintage look and leak of a old bike being paper trained like a puppy.

    I like old American Made metal, old slot machines, old 1911 pistols just about anything old and metal and mechanical.

    Glad I'm here I'll try not to be a pest.

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    Re: Newbie in Arizona

    Welcome, 2wheeler! I bought my first scooter for $15, beating out a guy offering $12! You'll find something (Just probably not for $15!). Doc

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    Re: Newbie in Arizona

    Thanks for the welcome sir I appreciate it.

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    welcome 2wheeler glad to have you aboard

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    hi nice to meet you
    Do your best to reach your goals )))

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