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Thread: Man versus Machine ( or should I say Robot)

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    Man versus Machine ( or should I say Robot)

    Here's a old video on making a chevy. I know we hate progress in areas that a robot takes away jobs ( the robots can't fix them selves yet ... I think? ) but when you look at the way these guys worked robots can do it for me, I'll work on them. I like the part where there making a crank shaft. Making the molds is kick ass to. It's 30 min but you can skip through it. Just something in are past , If you think about it motorcycle engines where made the same way.

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    Re: Man versus Machine ( or should I say Robot)

    I had a 1936 Chevrolet Master Deluxe sedan. Mine was pretty rough, and had the knee action front shocks. Those shocks were huge, quite heavy, and worn out. I enjoyed seeing them being assembled, and would have loved to have had a replacement set when I had the car. Thanks for posting that Sidecar. Brings back memories. . . Some good, mostly bad

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    Re: Man versus Machine ( or should I say Robot)

    My wife has had a 57 Rolls that has been in her family for 35-40 yrs. It has those knee action shocks also. Try to find either a replacement or re-builder of them. Forget replacement. We finally found a guy to rebuild them, but man "o" manischewitz, it was pricey. LOL.

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    Re: Man versus Machine ( or should I say Robot)

    Thanks for sharing. What an amazing vid! I work in heavy industry for automotive application and from the 2017 perspective what surprises me at the most is the level of accident exposure this workforce had. Unthinkable in current standards... I ignore the accident and casualties rates in the 30's and accordingly I hesitate to judge if this was indeed a highly dangerous job (mainly referring the foundry) or we are nowadays exagerating and doing our manpower unable to judge danger and take according care... Again: cool testimony of times long gone.
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    Re: Man versus Machine ( or should I say Robot)

    In the early 1970's I worked a foundry. They were still using the very same technics as shown in the foundry of that film. We can thank Henry Ford and one of his best friends Thomas Edison for the type of production line shown in the film. We can also thank henry and Thomas's best friend Harvey Firestone for putting the tires on all of the early automobiles. Harvey Firestone was a citizen of Columbiana, Ohio. Firestone still has a testing facility there. I live 3 miles from Columbiana. in a town called Leetonia. It was a Leetonia man who invented the synthetic rubber compound for tires. Harvey stole the mans formula and made himself rich over it. This is not a tall tale. It is fact.

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    Re: Man versus Machine ( or should I say Robot)

    Paps, I used to have a book that was written for Goodyear, and chronicled the history of rubber, and tire production. That sounds like very dry reading, but it was surprisingly interesting. According to that book, every pioneer tire company had their own vulcanizing process, and the best formulas made successful companies. That book also went into motorcycle tires, and 'Blue Streak' Goodyear motorcycle tires in particular. Love to have a set of those.

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    Re: Man versus Machine ( or should I say Robot)

    Roy Carver stole the revulcanizing process from Germany & started BANDAG inc.,Muscatine Iowa.Made retreads,at one time all commercial airlines had to use bandag retreads because they were safer than the original tires

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    Re: Man versus Machine ( or should I say Robot)

    Goodyear has a retreading operation at our local airport for commercial airplane tires. Kingman, AZ.


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