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Thread: WL Cylinders

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    WL Cylinders

    Does anyone know about the quality of these cylinders?
    NEW REPRODUCTION Set of Engine Cylinders for your Harley 45" Flathead Engine such as WL, WLA or G Servi-Car. Made by Dixie Distributing.
    and is .060 overbore on original cylinders still a usable cylinder?

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    Re: WL Cylinders

    there's an sufficient supply of OEM out there if you have the right resources.
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    Re: WL Cylinders

    .060" cylinders are usable
    Cylinders on ebay -

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    Re: WL Cylinders

    We are running a new batch of WL Cylinders this week.
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    Re: WL Cylinders

    I've had pairs of NOS, in the factory box, .070" O.S. HD pistons before.

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    Re: WL Cylinders

    Do yourself a favor, and skip the aftermarket cylinders...

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    Re: WL Cylinders

    Or you could sleeve them back to standard bore.

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