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Thread: Sing a song, ridin' in the rain

  1. Sing a song, ridin' in the rain

    Alrighty then !

    Rode 29.2 miles this morning. Fair weather in neighborhood. Soon as got up to Horsetooth area, began pouring rain. Certainly my thoughts were recalling the story Dad told me when he caught the wash of a truck he met at an underpass in the rain and he cracked the front cylinder. The old fellow putted briskly along, not missing a beat throughout the rain. After Masonville, the rain let up, turned around at Hwy.34 and caught rain again from Masonville to Horsetooth. The outing was absolutely superb.

    before the outing gave hand oiler 2 pumps = 80cc. when i got back, i dropped 150cc, so i removed the .012" shim. I am now down to 2 thin shims = .0275".
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    Re: Sing a song, ridin' in the rain

    That bike sounds good! (...doesn't look too bad, either)
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    Re: Sing a song, ridin' in the rain

    No helmat law?

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    Re: Sing a song, ridin' in the rain

    Bike sounds fantastic Steve !!!

  5. Re: Sing a song, ridin' in the rain

    Quote Originally Posted by Paps View Post
    Bike sounds fantastic Steve !!!
    Thanks Paps, i appreciate hearing that from you ! It certainly does seem to run really well so far. I keep waiting for the shoe to drop.....

  6. Re: Sing a song, ridin' in the rain

    Quote Originally Posted by rob View Post
    No helmat law?
    That is so. Thank you ABATE COLORADO ! Out of the ordinary rides, such as this, i don't usually wear a helmet. Otherwise, i always do.

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