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Thread: Footboard Extension Wanted

  1. Footboard Extension Wanted

    I have a right side with mounting bracket for my early pan... In need of the left side with mounting bracket. I am not concerned with correct finishes, applications etc...
    Thanks All!

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    Re: Footboard Extension Wanted

    Replicant metals
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  4. Re: Footboard Extension Wanted

    Thanks, I submitted a RFQ for 1 left side footboard extension with hardware.

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    Re: Footboard Extension Wanted

    Old Dude has them as well.

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    Re: Footboard Extension Wanted

    Little tip on this style footboard extensions: If you don't want to lose um; leave them on the highway, sooner-or-later, cinch a nut, even a little thin nut, on the end of each of the screws after the extension is installed on your footboards.

    That's not in the parts books, but is the only way besides checking your bike for loose-connectors every day, to keep them from fallin' off.
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    Re: Footboard Extension Wanted

    Funny, I need a left!


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