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Thread: 1970 FLH Seats

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    Re: 1970 FLH Seats

    I've decided to go down the Comfort Flex path on my 76 because I don't like sitting on the point of the buddy seat. I end up there even when I have my kids on the back and they're only skinny!

    My rear fender already has holes and a little indentation in it so its either a replacement or the bike could be a very late one with the later fender?

    I was wondering where you go and where the other footboard are mounted Architect?
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  2. Re: 1970 FLH Seats

    Two part answer:

    1- Took my ride to JerZey yesterday, Mustang seat was a fail after the first hour. Down right painful on the way home which turned into a 2.5 hour ride going over the GW and Da Bronx. Good news, the bike did great even in 30 minutes of rain, zero issues. Cruises at 65/70 all day long. Bad news the Mustang seat is for up to an hour tops. The search continues for a two up touring seat.

    2- Those passenger floorboards are around, pretty sure J&P Cycle still sells them, though I got mine at Rhinebeck for under $50. You do see them at swaps, in chrome and black. The end of the arm slides into the cross member on the frame, then it has a tab that gets attached with the muffler support bracket bolt. I had to source longer bolts for my application. I also had to remove the chrome to get them inside my frame, not sure what that was about but 30 minutes with a grinder and they slid right in. Since it is after market stuff no harm, no foul.

    Since stock in different years seems to be a dead end for me, I am wondering if anyone had any good experience with aftermarket, Mustang, LePera, Corbin etc. Again for two up and touring. Thanks to all.
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