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Thread: 1970 FLH Seats

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    Re: 1970 FLH Seats

    How many times did they go back to the drawing board on that ole girl.We would of blamed it on the engineers...:-)

  2. Re: 1970 FLH Seats

    Quote Originally Posted by Bigincher View Post
    Which version is that, Len? Late frame mount?
    Without checking, I'd say it looks the one that's stock for my '77.
    I recognize the round cad plated thing on the one side that just sits there and rattles.
    From my research that should be what we are calling version #2, no pogo required.

    So who has a version #3 laying around and wants to post some pics of the underside of the seat?
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    I don't know if this is the #3 version you are looking for... this is on an '81 FLT. It mounts the same at the rear fender, but is bolted down to the flat cross piece in the front.

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    Re: 1970 FLH Seats

    Quote Originally Posted by Bigincher View Post
    With or without seat post assembly?
    Mine has the seat post pogo thingy.

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