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    test picture

    test picture


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    Re: test picture

    If you want the pic to show in the thread, put "[img]" right before, and "[/img]" markers right after the URL of your photo. That tells this forum software that there's a picture there, and it usually shows up without the clicking-on-it business.

    but that's not enuf of a URL. 'Has to tell the software where to go to get it.

    Hmmm... ""
    I copied that off the top of it:

    [img] [/img]

    Take out the spaces at beginning and end: voila!

    Nice Bike!
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    Re: test picture

    Very nice bike !!

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    Re: test picture

    Thanks. I will attempt that. I've posted pictures before but could not recall the procedure. Bike is back on the road after many years parked.

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