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Thread: Repop Knuckle

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    Re: Repop Knuckle

    You can check out the S&S site, for detailed information on this engine. Of course their going to be slanted in their own favor as far as opinions about it go. S&S does for the most part build some quality parts, & engines. Even given their reputation, it can be crap shoot, for example Jims Sprocket, Crank Pin , & Pinion Shaft nuts seem to be of better quality than what S&S sells. I do agree that the best testimony comes from the actual consumer, The guy that is actually running one, & has some miles on it. I'm diggin the idea,Just my 2 cents worth...

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    Re: Repop Knuckle

    On a leading link springer fork, the axle height should be 1/4" to 1/2" higher than the rear rocker stud height. This measurement is taken from the centers to floor with bike standing straight up. This will give the best ride.

    The all original '47 in my shop is 1/8" above the rear rocker center with old original springs...still has that pointed down look to rocker.[spring fork rocker center is way past square to the rigid fork rocker center]The Paughco is more like 3/4 lower at the axle than the rear rocker center

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    Re: Repop Knuckle

    Hey guys, Over here?? That's it, over here. Still wanting to hear from an owner or a friend that owns and rides a S&S KN93 knuckle repop. I have one of own own engine builders at Wauseon as I type as my personal envoy to the S&S booth for the quiz but he says, if it is S&S, it most likely will be the cat's meow. Still would like to hear from an owner/rider. Thanks for the pic Marcina. Seadub

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    Re: Repop Knuckle

    (Is there a noise coming from up front? Huh? Oh yeah! It's SEADUB!! The guy who's building a repop knuckle bob job from scratch, who started this thread! lol )
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    Re: Repop Knuckle

    The great thing about forums is where the conversation can go. This is now up to 3 pages, so obviously there has been some interest, regardless of direction. As a moderator, you have no business directing this conversation, unless it violates our rules.

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    Re: Repop Knuckle

    I am sure it will be quite a beast to kickstart so I am thinking I will put it in my KrapTech ST build as I am removing the twin carb engine to harvest a very important set of cases. The bigflat replacement engine won't be done until winter if not next year so what better place for the big knuck than a ST w/E-start. Seadub

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