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Thread: Decals in vintage pics

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    Re: Decals in vintage pics

    I am really enjoying this sidecar. that fist pic of mr. molenaars shop has been hanging on my wall for a few years. thanks for looking this stuff up.

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    Re: Decals in vintage pics

    If anyone has any pictures of Bob's Harley, Harvard IL, I would sure appreciate you posting it. I'd love to bring the pics to Bob and Lydia.


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    Re: Decals in vintage pics

    Indeed amazing time trips! Thanks for sharing!
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    Wonderful pictures ! I was at Harry's many times during 74-76. JP was unforgettable. He set up and trued the flywheels on my 1960 Gold Star. In the back, he had a black post war Chief, a white KJ and a 20's Indian single alcohol burning hill climber. I still have pics of the KJ and the hill climber in a box somewhere. I seem to remember he was also a Norton dealer....?

    Who was the H-D dealer in the Hollywood/LA area during the 30's ? I used to know, but have forgotten.
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    Re: Decals in vintage pics

    Salinas Ramblers motorcycle club

    The Club was founded by Larry Ketzel in 1934. He was the driving force behind the club's formation and has remained active ever since. As owner of the Harley Davidson shop on north main Street, Ketzel said he did not think that he should be a club officer, but he did want to promote motorcycle riding. "You can't tell them, You go," Ketzel said. "You have to say 'Let's go."

    The club started with six members, and the membership grew rapidly until World War II broke out. The charter remained active, Ketzel said, but activities declined because much of the membership was drafted or enlisted. He said that one charter member died in the Bataan Death March. When the war was over, the club grew to its present maximum of 60 dues-paying members. "We could be much larger but we don't want to be," said Ketzel.


    Larry Ketzel standing fifth from right.

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    Re: Decals in vintage pics

    Great stuff...!
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    Howdy chaps,

    An ignominious end to Brownies, they brought his shop, shelves, cabinets, everything to include him to Jerry Wood's Stetson auction to hold center court and add color... or provenance to the spectacle. Compared to the times I'd been around him back east, then quite animated, he seemed a bit overwhelmed and out of his element. Kinda sad, sat down with him after this gent for a few stories. The Bomber with his gear, everything had to go.

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    Howdy chaps,

    Herm. So I'm hang'n out at a bike shop in Daytona decades ago during Bike Week and out of the corner of my eye there goes Herm, we laughed about it, and about 30 seconds later see him coming the other direction slowly makes a u,y and pulls up next to my bike to check it out. I go out and ask him where he's headed, thinking it was the old HD shop down off of Beach, mind if I tag along, nope, stood up in the saddle and took this pic before we we headed off.

    Many years later the Indian breakfast was now held at a restaurant under the very high Dunlaughton bridge with a lot of traffic, nonetheless Herm shows up, still sharp as a tack but as a small chap, for which that hard tail fit him much better, this machine was little more of a challenge, you can see the chummy seat is anchored to the machine without a spring in the pogo. I started his machine for him he calmly lit his pipe and flipped his helmet on just like back in the day and off we went.


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    Re: Decals in vintage pics

    Brownie Betar 1932 Albany NY

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    Re: Decals in vintage pics

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