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Thread: Peter's 42WLA refresh

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    Re: Peter's 42WLA refresh

    Quote Originally Posted by Liberated View Post
    Well I don't think I pissed him off yet! But I have made orders to which he didn't reply.
    Anyway he doesn't have everything I need which I can find at JW Boon. I'll have to try harder to find some more things I need to make up the minimum order.
    i am hdmaus , i am a samwel dealer too and also have many used and nos wla wlc parts , i am a friend of LIB45 we live in the same town in Holland ,contact me !

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    Re: Peter's 42WLA refresh

    That's cool, thanks for getting in touch. I'll send you a list of parts once I put it together.
    Thanks, Peter

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    Re: Peter's 42WLA refresh

    I notice you have the first type gearshifter guide...a type V should have the second one with the bend back instead of the straight one.

    > type 2:

    instead of

    > type 1:
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    Re: Peter's 42WLA refresh

    Thanks for pointing that out.


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    Re: Peter's 42WLA refresh

    I'm not critizising your bike Peter, as my past restorations are not 100% correct too...; I like them how they were actually used.
    But I do strife for as correct in looks as possible, even when using repop parts.
    So please don't see my remarks as being critical, just as a heads-up.
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    Re: Peter's 42WLA refresh

    Oh I did not at all. Sorry if it came over that way. I am totally appreciating all the help you're providing so please keep it coming. I did wonder about the shift guide but couldn't see the difference. It's just that I can't make all the changes at once. You know how it goes with a wife, 2 kids, 4 motorcycles. So many mouths to feed!!
    Thanks Pascal.

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    Re: Peter's 42WLA refresh

    I wasn't offended by your words Peter, just wanted all to make sure my comments are no critizism...
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    Re: Peter's 42WLA refresh

    Quote Originally Posted by HDMAUS View Post
    i am hdmaus , i am a samwel dealer too and also have many used and nos wla wlc parts , i am a friend of LIB45 we live in the same town in Holland ,contact me !
    Hi hdmaus I have emailed you some part numbers I hope you can help me with.
    Many Thanks, Peter.

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    Re: Peter's 42WLA refresh

    Been busy with another little motorcycle lately so the WLA has been overlooked.
    I managed to buy a NOS generator field switch and a NOS suppression capacitor from HDMAUS in the Netherlands.

    Also happy to have scored an original entrenching shovel for my Birthday (thanks Honey).


    Got to give thanks also to PAPS for detail on how to attach with straps. I had to check out his build thread on S&S as it's such a great image resource.

    Thanks, Peter
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    Re: Peter's 42WLA refresh

    Bike is looking perfect Peter. The original entrenching shovel with original cover is truly a great gift.

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