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Thread: Newspaper Mats?

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    Re: Newspaper Mats?

    You are right Harry Indians guys cant get em started so they don't ever wear out

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    Re: Newspaper Mats?

    I've said it before i'll say it again. the cheapest thing on a old motorcycle is the rider. indian riders just take it to a higher level of cheapness.

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    Re: Newspaper Mats?

    Quote Originally Posted by duffeycycles View Post
    You are right Harry Indians guys cant get em started so they don't ever wear out

    ....I'm a little outnumbered here (what was this thread about originally.....oh yeah, newspaper mats!) You guys might be on to something, it seems the frugality of the Indian owner is in play here... afraid to increase their electric bill by using the computer too much, they have opted out of defending the brand!

    I'm off to hunt down the best deal I can find on a new chain! (I'll probably spend too much...)
    1946 Chief - take apart and put back together
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    Re: Newspaper Mats?

    took me a while to find this in my pc files but here it is,

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