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Thread: Indian camshaft worm/spiral oil pump driver

  1. Indian camshaft worm/spiral oil pump driver

    I have been looking for information concerning the different camshaft worm oil pump drivers that Indian has used over the years. The camshaft worm/spiral has to match the gear in the oil pump. Somebody somewhere has already done a study on the subject, and I have seen it on-line (I think) - but for the life of me - I cannot find it. I don't know if the study was a CAI forum issue, or a study that an independent vendor did. It is also possible that the study was in a restoration guide. Any help is appreciated. Maybe a link to the study could be posted here? Several different worm shapes and styles have been used. Some are referred to as a 'three-start' spiral I think. Thanks.

  2. Re: Indian camshaft worm/spiral oil pump driver

    i saw that in the Indian Chief book 1922 to 1953 page 41, Rob

  3. Re: Indian camshaft worm/spiral oil pump driver

    Thanks hairynob24. I have that book, but I didn't think to look in it. The book was by Jerry Hatfield, and the copy I have was published in 1997. Here is the information;

    If I come across any more camshaft worm gear information, I'll upload it to this thread.

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