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Thread: Thoughts on this 68

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    Thoughts on this 68

    This seams very reasonable? Am I missing something or am I just getting used to early pan and knuckle prices which makes this appear cheap? Is it missing a lot of stuff? I'm not in the market for another bike, just trying to educate myself on values of these 66-69 bikes.

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    Re: Thoughts on this 68

    '66-'69 Generator shovels were always considered the redheaded step-child of H-D. New Shovel top end on a '65 Pan bottom end. I personally like them, if it wasn't so far away from CO, I would consider bidding/buying it. A few tweeks to make them a little more dependable ( and oil tight), & they will run as long as any well-cared for H-D. (p.s. I think his other "Boston police bike" isn't)

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    Re: Thoughts on this 68

    Good price for what it is, genny Shovels are going up in price. If it runs and rides as described I would consider that a fair to very good price.
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    Re: Thoughts on this 68

    That is a good price for 69 op, the 66's seem to be more desirable of all the 66 thru 69 flatsides. If I were interested and really wanted that bike, I would consider that a very fair price.

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