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Thread: Burned out generator armature 1965 Panhaed

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    Re: Burned out generator armature 1965 Panhaed

    My first thoughts were voltage regulator. You said NOS regulator...are you 100% certain it is a motorcycle regulator and not automotive? I believe...but not 100% certain...automotive regulators regulate to a higher output so that could put a greater load on the generator.

  2. Re: Burned out generator armature 1965 Panhaed

    Hello cdndeway

    Thanks for your responce; I am pretty sure it is the right regulator. The Delco partnumber 1119 614 is stamped on one of the mounting ears and that number is mentioned in the Harley service manual I got (HD partnumber 74510-64). I am aware of the differance of an car regulator in comparison with a motorcycle regulator meanwhile (the resistors on the backside of the regulator differs, indeed to provide an higher output by cars)

    I double checked the generator terminals and fieldcoils again today for shorts and checked current with an ampmeter connnected to a battery; the manual mentions 2,3 Amp for both coils, I meseured 2,1 Amp (somewhat lower, but I assume OK?)

    Than I put the generator back on the motorcycle and run the engine. I checked again the current before the regulator (up to 9 Amp) and between regulator and battery (between -3 Amp (at very low RPM) and 7/8 Amp on at higher RPM. When one put the lights on, current decreases to about 2/3 Amp.
    The Volts reading went up to over 15 Volt during the testing period. I adjusted the voltage regulator screw a little to set it at 14,5 Volt at higher RPM now. (better for not overheating the battery)

    If I read the manuals correctly; the current regulator of the 3 post Delco Remy regulator should limit the generator output with connecting a resistor in to the field circuit. (points with the field circuit connected to ground open) Resulting in reducing fieldcurrent and generator output. Due to a lower current points close again, and the cycle starts again. I have doubts if the current regulator works properly. (may be that is the root cause of overloading the generator)

    Still have no clue if I cured the issue with bringing front beam back to standard and removing two additional 5 Watt contour lights.
    I have two spotlights on the motorcycle as well, does it mean that one can only use them when the front beam is off to not overheat the generator?
    thanks Adri

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    Re: Burned out generator armature 1965 Panhaed

    Do you have a model 65 or model 65A generator? They are wired reverse to each other and wiring them wrong will kill them.
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  4. Re: Burned out generator armature 1965 Panhaed

    Hello Rubone

    Smart observation......... I just checked it on the motorcycle; it is a Model 65-12V (without the "A")
    But you openened my eyes, I will take the generator off again and double check the connections to be sure
    Any other thoughts?
    thanks Adri

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    Re: Burned out generator armature 1965 Panhaed

    I believe this is what Robbie is referring to ....HD Service Bulletin #521, October 11, 1965

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  6. Re: Burned out generator armature 1965 Panhaed

    Thanks, your picture is from a page of the HD manual I posses and use to tackle this issue
    I opened yesterday the generator again and compared in detail the connections of the left drawing (model 65-12 volt)
    The connections of the A terminal are identical (one wire goes to the coil and the other wire goes to the + brush holder)
    The connections of the F terminal differ slightly from the left drawing; the wire coming from the F terminal enters the bottom coil direct close at the terminal en the connection wire between the coils leaves the bottom coil on the right site of the bottom coil.
    Do you think that is causing a problem? (reversed polarity of one coil?)
    Question; when one operates the generator as electra motor (by connecting it to a 12V battery and ground the F terminal), what direction should a known good generator run?
    Thanks Adri

  7. Re: Burned out generator armature 1965 Panhaed

    Some pictures
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