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Thread: What's going on with Davenport??????

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    Re: What's going on with Davenport??????

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    Re: What's going on with Davenport??????

    Well, that's just right out. It's got to be at least 99 degrees or pouring rain! See y'all in Iowa!

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    Re: What's going on with Davenport??????

    Road trip! Pointed South
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  4. Re: What's going on with Davenport??????

    I'll probably head over to check things out, since it's right down the street...

    I am usually out of town this weekend, but those plans got changed.
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  5. Re: What's going on with Davenport??????

    Howdy chaps,

    You know when you run into Stanley Miller within minutes of strolling through the campground to greet old friends it's gonna be a party. Been going to this one off and on for 25 years, it now huge, had to fly nearly a thousand miles out of my way to get to MLI, but that soon forgotten when laying eyes on nearly 50 trailers loaded with tempting trinkets already qued up at the gates waiting for tomorrow's 0600 land rush. Have never seen this many Hansen Sport Shields in one spot, they're on everything but Cushmans. This event is a must on any old bike enthusiast's bucket list.

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