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Thread: WR cylinders.

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    WR cylinders.

    I believe still in cosmoline. Don't need them and rather them go here than the Ebay bs. Bummer on the 1 fin but that's how I received them 20 years ago.

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    Re: WR cylinders.

    $ ????

    ..... Cases n mag in pics ?

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    Re: WR cylinders.

    Quote Originally Posted by BONZ View Post
    $ ????

    ..... Cases n mag in pics ?
    If you have to ask, you can't afford them.
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    Re: WR cylinders.

    That is a nice set of cylinders, but I hate to tell you that they are WL cylinders, not WR.
    All WR cylinders have casting numbers 120-39 & 120-391, 1.81" intake and 1 9/16" exhaust valves, thicker cylinder base, and a 1 9/16" ID intake port and a larger gasket area for head.

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    Re: WR cylinders.

    Aren't they India made repops as well.

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    Re: WR cylinders.

    Not WR, or even WLDR, or WLD.
    Sorry Len.
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    Re: WR cylinders.

    I'll say it again...those are repops.Look at the casting marks at the bottom flange & the way the exhaust port is milled

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    Re: WR cylinders.

    Thanks for the information guys, I appreciate it very much.
    I was told they were and I don't know racing parts and I don't want to mislead anyone. Thanks again.

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