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Thread: Goggles Over Eye Glasses or Prescription Cycle Glasses?

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    Re: Goggles Over Eye Glasses or Prescription Cycle Glasses?

    I use prescription transition lenses in Panoptix glasses. Works great for me for about 10 years.
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    Re: Goggles Over Eye Glasses or Prescription Cycle Glasses?

    At any Walmart Optical shops, on the wall display, they have Polar Optics over-shades: $19.95 for the first pair, then the company will BOGO you all the ones you may ever need by mail. They'll fit over "any" glasses; they're dark and wind-proof. Perfect ridin' glasses. Ten bux a pair direct from the company. Dark green, orange for night time, anything.
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    Re: Goggles Over Eye Glasses or Prescription Cycle Glasses?

    Quote Originally Posted by night-train View Post
    I've been looking at these for a bit. Haven't actually handled them yet.

    I have been using the Wiley X for training and operating for several years and they make a different style w/temple arms that are amazing for riding. They allow great peripheral viewing and max comfort and protection. Seadub
    Going to check the other style out. Turns out there's a Wiley dealer in town.
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    Re: Goggles Over Eye Glasses or Prescription Cycle Glasses?

    Ordered a pair today. Not the Wiley googles but the frame style with wind shielding. Expect they'll be great for riding, and fishing. Should have them in a week or three!
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    Re: Goggles Over Eye Glasses or Prescription Cycle Glasses?

    I ended up getting these from SportRx
    By the time I added the single vision transition lenses everything came to $335. Pricey yes but curved prescription lenses of this quality aren't cheap. I have an HSA/FSA account with my medical insurance so full cost was covered through that. 100% satisfied. After a 100 mile ride today on the 48, fit is perfect, the clarity and vision on the curved prescription lenses is excellent. Even better than my regular eyeglasses which are same prescription. They transition from crystal clear to dark in bright sun very quickly. Riding in direct bright sun there is no issue. The peripheral vision is excellent which I really like.
    Jason Z - S.W. PA
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    Re: Goggles Over Eye Glasses or Prescription Cycle Glasses?

    I have the same glasses. I paid $235.00 because I don't have insurance. The fact that you have insurance is why your's cost a hundred bucks more. You will love them, I do! Seadub

  7. Re: Goggles Over Eye Glasses or Prescription Cycle Glasses?

    Howdy chaps,

    For the reallly intrepid how bout contacts, then the sky's the limit on shaded eyewear, the distortion of progressives altering near depth perception and lens fogging risks becomes a non issue. At age 48 my optometrist who'd been providing the misssuss with them since 6th grade said at my age and male(?) this old dog will never learn a new trick. Yup, took 30 minutes to to get them in another 30 out in a cold sweat, but after that smooth sailing. I'll likely quit riding at that point where I can't wear them any longer, they're that superior.

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    Re: Goggles Over Eye Glasses or Prescription Cycle Glasses?

    Picked up my Wiley Gravity's yesterday. Wore them riding today, man they're nice. A little fogging this morning, cleared right up when moving. The lenses are crystal, crystal clear. Transition to grey is quick, and serious. Very bright (glaring) day today, the lenses were perfect.

    One thing to get used to is that everything appears 3d until you get used to them, I mean it's so visually sharp.

    Worth 3 bills? I think so.
    Grooving in Shovely sunshine

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