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Thread: vl sidecar which motorsprocket ?

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    vl sidecar which motorsprocket ?

    Have the VL and sidecar ready today and i made a little test drive around the house.
    Runs good, driving needs some experience ...

    It looks like the engine has not enough power to pull the sidecar, i think the motor sprocket need to be changed.

    what size of engine sprocket do i need on my 36 VLD to pulling a sidecar ?

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    My 36VFD and also my sons 34VFD are both fitted with 19 tooth engine sprocket. I changed to 21 tooth sprocket
    as the old girl was revving like mad to keep up with the traffic on highway. Running around the local streets means a lot more running in second gear. My chassis is a heavy weight australian made Murphy. Fittings are CAST IRON and the tubing is schedule 40 steam pipe.

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