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Thread: Fork stem ?

  1. Fork stem ?

    so , I taped the bearing cup's out from my frame , & they measure 1.187 on the part that go's into the frame . The stem on the aftermarket springer measured 15/16 .There is a slight step in the head just past where the bearing cups bottom out & it measures @ 1.03 . I have attached a few pic's ,(if it works for me ) I'm pretty sure it's not a stock head on my frame , didn't think the stock one had a taper on top & bottom . I still need to bust out more bondo from the moulding job so I can see how the head was attached . I think with the measurements I have I will not be able to put a stock WG front end on with the 1" stem. I contacted Rullo today about the cup's I sent the link in for &they emailed me the measurement & was told the od on their cup is 1.8 , I will call back tomorrow to verify , there were tapered Timken installed with a id of .9375 , # L44640 . any input would be appreciated . I plan to go to a swap meet in Sacramento on Sat if I learn anything
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