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Thread: 47 Knucklehead Project

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    maybe I should keep sanding! Just bought lacquer thinner, gonna try it on the backside of the tank where you don't see it. Dump a bunch on a rag and lay it on the paint? And it will bubble all the paint except the original harley paint?

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    Dont go crazy with the lacquer thinner, use good judgment and do test spots on the back sides of the tanks and other areas that are not really seen when they bike is together. The red paint looks pretty good no matter if its the factory paint or not. If its eating the red paint up that you are trying to preserve I would not recommend laying a lacquer thinner soaked rag on the red because you may end up with bare metal, if the red is being pretty resistant to the thinner then thats the fastest and easiest way to finish the job. Other wise I would just put some on a rag and rub the black off.

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    I have had good luck removing non factory paint with citrus based graffiti remover.
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    The thinner is doing the trick! The red is very resistant, the black peeled off pretty easily.

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    After talking with several excellent frame repair shops, decided to go with Rich Zigler from Tennessee. Price was competitive, the work he had done looked fantastic, excellent attention to detail. He was able to complete the repairs within a few weeks and under budget! He made my frame Great Again! Hats off to a very talented guy!

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    That looks nice...

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