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Thread: Tires to Oley

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    Tires to Oley

    I have a set of genuine NOS blackwall Goodyear Super Eagle 100's for sale for $450 pr set. Also a 4.50X18 Goodyear All Traction NOS as well for $200. I am driving to Oley and could bring along. Thanks!

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    Re: Tires to Oley

    I don't want them and i'm just busting your chops. How many is in a set? 4.

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    Re: Tires to Oley

    2 in a set.

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    Re: Tires to Oley

    2 in a set. I edited the listing just for wiseguys like you

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    Re: Tires to Oley

    What is the date code on the tires ?

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    Re: Tires to Oley

    Quote Originally Posted by Paps View Post
    What is the date code on the tires ?
    I don't have any idea. I'm to busy to look right now unless you are interested in buying them, then I'd be happy to check. Whatever it is, they are undoubtedly out of date for a cross country trip. They have been stored properly and are still in nice shape. It's probably been 40 years or more since Goodyear made any .

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    Re: Tires to Oley

    Great for a collector than.

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