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Thread: What year are my fenders?

  1. What year are my fenders?

    Hi, I have a pair of fenders in the barn that are spot welded instead of riveted. I've been told different years for these and don't know which is right. Any way that I can tell for sure?

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    Re: What year are my fenders?

    Post pics for good answers.

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    Re: What year are my fenders?

    I think you are confused as to the construction. '49 only fronts initially were spot welded BRACES ONLY, and when those failed in service were riveted from then on. All 3 piece fenders are spot welded. From 49 up they are formed as one piece. Rivets were used on all for braces, hinges, etc.
    So your question is vague as to what you are asking...
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