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Thread: midstar hub, is it oem or modified?

  1. midstar hub, is it oem or modified?

    hello, could you tell me whats happen with my two diferent hub‘s? are there two kinds of midstar hub‘s out or is one modified? also the thin edge make's me wonder...
    Thank you

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    Re: midstar hub, is it oem or modified?

    The first pic with the trans in the background is an original H-D hub (the thin edge is stock). The second one is most likely off of a mid to late '70s sidecar. And the spokes with the triangle stamped in the head were to identify them as metric threads and don't interchange with the earlier US made ones, and which also came into use in the later '70s.
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  3. Re: midstar hub, is it oem or modified?

    Thanks Robbie, good info!

  4. Re: midstar hub, is it oem or modified?

    Yes, that's a good info.. Will keep the sidecar Wheel, the Rim is made by firestone..and buy the correct mid star hub or wheel..

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