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Thread: Driverless Car Opinion

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    Re: Driverless Car Opinion

    Chris Haynes
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    Thanks Chris. I wasn't ready for the surprise ending.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BONZ View Post
    Special effects were great. The acting was as good too.

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    Re: Driverless Car Opinion

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Haynes View Post
    Its on recall. LOL

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    Re: Driverless Car Opinion

    old George Carlin said it along time ago about the Earth ......

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    I detest the thought of loosing my freedom to drive as well. Looking into the past on how outlaws fled to Mexico this gringo knows enough Spanish to get by.

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    Re: Driverless Car Opinion

    I'm not too tech savvy so I'm confused. If there's no driver, who's going to text/drink coffee/eat a Big Mac/put on makeup/trim their toenails/tune in a radio station...
    Just curious.


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    Re: Driverless Car Opinion

    Who pays for the car's insurance,speeding or parking tickets?

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