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Thread: Driverless Car Opinion

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    Driverless Car Opinion

    I realize non of us can predict the future, I would just like to get opinions on driverless cars and how you think it may come to effect those of us that ride motorcycles, especially older ones. As far as driving a car, I personally hate the idea. I have driven and ridden across this country numerous times and couldn't imagine not being in control. I enjoy driving, I don't even fly when I go somewhere, I would rather drive. I have lost friends and relatives in crashes from the negligence of others, but I assume the risk every time I drive and am ok with it. I just wonder if 10-15 years from now if they prove (in my opinion they will regardless of actual results) that driverless cars are safer and preventing deaths that they will outlaw any type of transportation that is humanly controlled. Will older vehicles especially motorcycles be outlawed? I read in the AMA magazine that initially in the international discussions concerning the electronic awareness of driverless that the motorcycle was not put into the equation. Will all of our passion, hard work and expensive parts just become dust collectors? Will there be certain back roads we can still ride on that will be exempt from driverless? Will it all remain the same but with higher insurance premiums for us? Will we have to (or maybe want to) install a device so driverless will see us. I saw a commercial last night (I believe it was a new Mercedes) that showed people riding in the back not even paying attention, the car was in town and the overly bright lights scanned the intersection as the car came to a stop, couldn't imagine a dull 6v motorcycle being in the same vicinity. I know alot on here are older and probably don't care because it won't effect you, but I'm curios of others' thoughts on this.
    Thanks, Bob

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    Re: Driverless Car Opinion

    Not necessarily a pro or con, but we have them driving all around Phoenix these days. Was sitting at a light behind an Uber one a week ago. Light turns green and it and I start into the intersection. It stops super abruptly in front of me, so fast I almost hit the back of it! A millisecond later, a Suburban coming from the right in the far lane blows through the intersection going about 60mph! If I'd been first in line at the light, I'd be dead right now. No way I could have seen the Suburban coming because there were cars in the lanes closer to me that were stopped at the light. Not interested in having one, but that demonstration of the technology was pretty damn impressive!

    Chuck S.

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    Re: Driverless Car Opinion

    Cant even wrap my head around driverless vehicles. Why would you want them? Whats the point?

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    I'm also one that enjoys driving and will drive until I'm unable to. I agree that there may be some glitches to be overcome with self-driving cars, but I believe that these self-driving cars will be considerably safer for everyone then 90+% of the current drivers on the road.
    There are too many drivers on the road that don't want to or don't like to drive, and are distracted by mobile devices and anything else around them. In addition to the ones that are just clueless, so bring on the autonomous vehicles!

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    I'm low tech and don't even have a cell phone or cable tv so count me out on the driverless car thing.

    However the questions raised by BigLakeBob are valid and I'm sure will have some effect on our passion for old motorcycles in some way, I'm sure not for the better.

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    Re: Driverless Car Opinion

    Quote Originally Posted by TH47Indy View Post
    There are too many drivers on the road that don't want to or don't like to drive, and are distracted by mobile devices and anything else around them. In addition to the ones that are just clueless, so bring on the autonomous vehicles!
    Unfortunately based on how far and fast self-driving technology has progressed, this is likely true. I've witnessed what seems to be an increased number of head on collisions on two lane roads in my area largely a result of distracted drivers (phones) and the out of control heroin addiction.

    So I wonder if you go down to the gin mill and have some drinks, you get in your self driving car to go home and get stopped by police along the way. Do you get arrested for drunk driving when you weren't actually driving? Probably know the answer but its interesting. Or maybe you don't even get stopped because your car doesn't forget to use turn signals, exceed speed limit, make illegal turns, dim headlights, weaving a bit, etc. Aside from that I can see a few other benefits being able to "let go" for awhile and stretch, eat, etc on long interstate trips.

    I'm 55 and won't own a car that has electronic steering where there is no mechanical connection between the steering wheel and steering linkage so doubt I'll be jumping on the self driving bandwagon. But can see the millennials jumping on full bore.
    Jason Z - S.W. PA
    48 Chief

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    Re: Driverless Car Opinion

    I've heard quite a bit on NPR about this in the last year. I bet it'll roll out with long haul trucking and interstate only self driving cars that'll have stations outside of cities for real drivers to courier them into the busy streets. But eventually there may be some kind of inner city carbon tax with only public trans (which is a joke for most midwestern cities) and self driving cars. But looking at the way that the FAA has strangled drone usage maybe the government will do the same with self driving cars. I'm thinking if you live outside of a major city and have a decently bright light (like an auxiliary LED somewhere...) you should be good!

    I suppose I'd take a computer assist over someone browsing facebook while driving...
    27 JD (almost)

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    wow. first come driverless cars, then come driverless motorcycles. thankful to have been on the planet in this era, technology has evloved from slave labor and the cotton gin to privatised space flight. if we were able to fast forward 1000 years in to the future, i doubt transportation would have much to do with reciprocating internal combustion gasoline powered engines. train and railway has now been around over 300 years, they still more or less the same. maybe driverless cars will usher in an age of truly disposable vehicles, in particular for population centers, where getting from point a to point b is the goal. who knows. brave new world........... it was plenty annoying enough to experience the extinction of real gasoline for the krap we have to put in our old bikes now. all things considered, can't imagine gasoline powered transportation won't be but a small blip in the sands of time. it seems there will have to be some efficient replacement to the private/single use vehicle. without gasoline, i can't imagine how all these billions of people are going to get around, unless there is a return to horse and buggy. maybe the power of gravity, magnetism or sunlight will be harnessed in 1000 years....... and before then, maybe a couple/few hundreds of years of another dark ages....... sorry to have hijacked the thread a bit.

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    Re: Driverless Car Opinion

    I would wait a few years so they can work the bugs out of them before I would buy one. Maybe I'm a little like ... Dr Doom, but I see some one driving down the interstate at 80 mile per and the car has a glitch and slams the brakes on or veers in to the other lane. Even the ones that do this with a driver scare me. The more a computer is in control I don't like it. The young drivers will love them. More time for them on there phones. Oh buy the way I would trust this .... driver less motorcycle.

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    Re: Driverless Car Opinion

    It is part of the mark of the beast. Machines will rule man and control every aspect of man kinds lives. Those machines will begin thinking for themselves, just as the robots repair the manufacturing robots which have taken over human jobs. Humans will not be needed then. One day the machines will ask themselves what is the real issue and causes with the problems on earth. They will decide man is the cause of all problems on earth. And why should they not think that way ?? We humans programed the kind of data in to them !! We Al Gored data in to them !! We Bill Nye the science guy opinions in to them !! The list of self proclaimed experts and their so called scientific truth has been programed in to them !! Next those thinking machines will ask themselves how do we solve these earthly problems.....Their answer will be erase mankind. REALLY ???? Yep !! Our hi-tech computer controlled bombers and fighters, our hi tech ground computer controlled fighting machines will turn on us. Our driverless automobiles will take us directly to the detention centers. We cannot get out of the vehicles ! The onboard computers will not release the locking mechanisms. And yes.....motorcycling will be history then. I have to stop now or Orson Welles may chime in.

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