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Thread: Baby Bosch Innards - FFVRS 53

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    Re: Baby Bosch Innards - FFVRS 53

    Forwarded that melco (mitsubishi electric co) tag to a japanese friend of mine for translation. I will report myself back asap!
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    Re: Baby Bosch Innards - FFVRS 53

    Well, I cleaned the mag up. It sparks really well! It spans a .3125" gap easily. Unfortunately the laws of science do not change and since the slip ring is uninterrupted it flows through the path of least resistance, aka only one plug wire gets the spark. I forgot about the fact it wasn't a dual coil, doh... So I'm trying to figure out how to make a new slip ring that has the copper band only on the proper segment. Kind of out there but maybe I could make one out of PTFE/Delrin and press the copper contact in then turn to finish. Delrin is probably rigid enough to handle an interrupted cut...

    So that's it for now. If anybody has a twin slip ring for a baby bosch and wants to trade for a single let me know! Otherwise I'll add this to my project pile and get to if I get to it.
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    Re: Baby Bosch Innards - FFVRS 53

    If anybody is interested in purchasing the Baby Bosch (Robert Bosch, not the Jap mag) let me know! Figured I'd ask before the credit card buyers on ebay got a whack at her. Comes with spark plug wires (Rajah connectors) and extra capacitors. I'd also consider trades for J parts. 1200 obo, partial trades would also work!
    27 JD (almost)

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