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Thread: Baby Bosch Innards - FFVRS 53

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    Re: Baby Bosch Innards - FFVRS 53

    Forwarded that melco (mitsubishi electric co) tag to a japanese friend of mine for translation. I will report myself back asap!
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    Re: Baby Bosch Innards - FFVRS 53

    Well, I cleaned the mag up. It sparks really well! It spans a .3125" gap easily. Unfortunately the laws of science do not change and since the slip ring is uninterrupted it flows through the path of least resistance, aka only one plug wire gets the spark. I forgot about the fact it wasn't a dual coil, doh... So I'm trying to figure out how to make a new slip ring that has the copper band only on the proper segment. Kind of out there but maybe I could make one out of PTFE/Delrin and press the copper contact in then turn to finish. Delrin is probably rigid enough to handle an interrupted cut...

    So that's it for now. If anybody has a twin slip ring for a baby bosch and wants to trade for a single let me know! Otherwise I'll add this to my project pile and get to if I get to it.
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    Re: Baby Bosch Innards - FFVRS 53

    If anybody is interested in purchasing the Baby Bosch (Robert Bosch, not the Jap mag) let me know! Figured I'd ask before the credit card buyers on ebay got a whack at her. Comes with spark plug wires (Rajah connectors) and extra capacitors. I'd also consider trades for J parts.
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    Re: Baby Bosch Innards - FFVRS 53

    I'm a bit of a late-comer to this thread, however, I'm very interested in the workings of the Bosch FFV magnetos. Going back to the original post, whp is right, the S53 magneto was made specifically for Indians, and from what I can find out, the FF magnetos were built from the mid 20's onwards, which makes it very rare. There wouldn't have been many magneto-only Indians sold in this period, bar the works bikes. I did have an FFV magneto a while ago, and from memory it was for a Harley --photo of armature attached-- and going by the part numbers in the Bosch parts books, there is a difference in the clockwise/anti-clockwise slip rings on these magnetos. The armature looks the same as a standard single-cylinder magneto, but I'm sure the pole-pieces in the magneto body are different.


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    Re: Baby Bosch Innards - FFVRS 53

    Not to hijack the thread but I just picked up a really nice complete FFVL S45 at Oley.
    Clearly a LH rotation from the L and the arrow on the gear end. Odd thing is that the interrupter ring is marked 45R.
    The catalog page posted by cdg999 just above shows this mag correct for Harley Davidson.
    What twin model Harley used a LH rotation mag?

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    Re: Baby Bosch Innards - FFVRS 53

    Check a dah rotation. I sold one to a guy from down under That said "L hand was a dah magneto". If he had shut up and not spent an hour telling me that he would have saved some money

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    Re: Baby Bosch Innards - FFVRS 53

    Thanks Rob. I'll look into that.

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    Re: Baby Bosch Innards - FFVRS 53

    So I bugged the Inspection Dpt. here at work to use their optical comparator and I came up with 42 degrees (42.54 to be exact) for the interrupter housing. Mystery solved. Indian Magneto from the late 20's. It'll look great on the 101 scout I'll buy at some point in my life.
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    Re: Baby Bosch Innards - FFVRS 53

    Quote Originally Posted by cdg999 View Post
    there is a difference in the clockwise/anti-clockwise slip rings on these magnetos.

    about cdg999's reference to there being two slip rings one for clockwise & anti-clockwise Bosch FF magneto
    does anyone have some pics of them and what is the difference between them?
    i purchased a Bosch FF1R a while back and had it fully rebuit,armature rewound,new bearings, anti clockwise points( L stamped on them) etc
    the bloke that rebuilt the magneto said the slip ring was for anti-clokwise maggy's FF1L etc
    so i checked to see the difference whith a slip ring off one of my spare FF1R maggy's and the only difference i can see is the
    location pin has been moved to a different spot
    i will post some pics of slip ring when sort out how to do it threw imageshack


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    Re: Baby Bosch Innards - FFVRS 53

    From what I've seen single speed magneto slip rings are one single copper contact around the slip ring. That Jap mag was set up as a single. Here are some pictures of the interrupter housing. I've only seem something similar on a hit and miss Sundial engine. So perhaps the motorcycle application if different? I'm interested old1926! I bet that the German engineers who designed this stuff would be laughing their asses off at our inexperience and lack of knowledge of electro-mechanical timing.

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