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Thread: 1952 Servicar on C/L

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    Re: 1952 Servicar on C/L

    If the "not running" is just a matter of some tinkering it would not be a bad deal....

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    Re: 1952 Servicar on C/L

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Big View Post
    If the "not running" is just a matter of some tinkering it would not be a bad deal....
    Hey, c'mon now Mr Big. You need to jump on the bandwagon and help point out all of the flaws. I know most of these guys have forgotten more about what is correct and what is not than I will likely ever know, but the issues they've pointed out are as obvious as the a$$ end of a goat. I doubt that even a novice would go into this one expecting to cheaply and easily make it a correct machine. But, maybe so. I posted it because I thought if someone was close by and wanted an inexpensive bike to thrash around on, they may be able to get a decent buy. Tough crowd!

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    Re: 1952 Servicar on C/L

    If it were closer id go check it out, be cool to put around town on
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    Re: 1952 Servicar on C/L

    57pan, thank-you for posting the link to the ad. Not everyone here immediately sees the negative, and the wrong, and the bad, and the expensive, and all the negative reasons why not to buy it. SOME people also appreciate things that you don't see every day, might be fun to RIDE, to Hell with correctness. I myself am doing a restoration as totally correct as I can get it, but I can also appreciate something that's not even close, but has a certain coolness about it, and I'd even like to have if I could swing it. I'm sure glad I'm doing the restoration for myself, and not the nit-pickers of the world.
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