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Thread: Update for the ignition coil

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    Re: Update for the ignition coil

    Quote Originally Posted by SIDECAR View Post
    had to look up OAKUM, never heard of it . sold at home depot and lowes , is this the same?
    Quote Originally Posted by Bigincher View Post
    Oakum is used to seal connections in cast iron plumbing pipes. I don't think it's actually the material used in the coils.
    I believe it's some kind of rope that has been tarred. They also used oakum in the days of the wooden ships, to waterproof the hulls. Shipwrights would say strips of it between the hull planks and pound them in place.

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    Re: Update for the ignition coil

    yes i seen pics of the hull planks being sealed with it. just wondering if it was the same stuff in the coil

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    Re: Update for the ignition coil

    Looks great , very very nice job , if it holds up in service, looks like you got a winner .


    Ps Oakum , I remember when I was a kid and my Dad used it when he was pouring lead for the cast iron pipes .

  4. Re: Update for the ignition coil

    Great job, I bought 4 early 70's Japanese coils last year to do just the same thing. Thanks for posting and saving some of us the initial leg work. Thumbs up! Why did you take the mounting bracket off? I tried it on one of mine and the rivets seemed to have a really heavy press. Guess you drilled them out?
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    Re: Update for the ignition coil

    Yes Bob, i had to drill them out, otherwise the old coil wont come out. The bracket, the coil and the housing are riveted together with the same 4 rivets. I chiseld the heads off and drilled them out.


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    Re: Update for the ignition coil

    Quote Originally Posted by t-bone View Post
    looks like a really good solution. is the new coil 6 volt ? can you show a better picture of the original coil? I've never seen one out of the original can.
    Here are the pics, but the coil is messed up, i had to slam it out of the housing.

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    Re: Update for the ignition coil

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Big View Post
    Nice work. Did the other 6v coil I sent you work ok?
    To be honest, i did not try it yet. But i am shure it works fine.
    But it is most likely that i am converting your dead one as the one i did before.

  8. Re: Update for the ignition coil

    Now that the original coil is out, it would be interesting to find out how it failed and to see if it's possible to rewind the coil. I think coil failures are either an open circuit or an internal short or high voltage leakage.

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    Re: Update for the ignition coil

    thanks for the picture of the old coil. are new coils 6 volt? thanks

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    Re: Update for the ignition coil

    Very cool stuff. Thanks for sharing.

    Oakum is tared hemp.

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